Game Development

November Devlog

It’s been a few months since my last update so I thought I had better let everyone know what is currently happening. So, I have been working on Galactic Pioneer 2.0 which will continue with the basic gameplay loop of the first game but the player will now control the more traditional ‘lunar lander’ type …

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Current Plans

Over the last few weeks since the release of Galactic Pioneer I have spent the time reworking the action-adventure game I started prior to Galactic Pioneer, started to map out Galactic Pioneer 2.0 which will be a sequel to the original, and writing down ideas for 2 other games that I would like to make …

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What Now?

With development on Galactic Pioneer finished it’s now time to move on to a new game, I have a couple of idea’s floating around that I want to explore and expand on, and hopefully at least one of them will become a project that I can see to completion and release to the public. The …

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