Galactic Pioneer patch 1.0.1 has now been released on and will be coming to Nintendo Switch (Europe & Americas) and Windows Store in the near future.

All Quality of Life and Game Balancing changes are listed below.

  1. Exploration Module outline is now red for better visibility.
  2. Tunnel entrances on the first level have been widened.
  3. The right analogue stick Up for vertical thrust.
  4. Loading into a level and back to the Main Menu after a Game Over has been made faster.
  5. The ‘How To Play’ menu has been moved to the Main Menu for easier access.
  6. The x10 Landing Pad is now the same size as the x5 pad for easier landing.
  7. The vertical speed for landing a ‘Great Landing’ has been increased from 20 to 30.
  8. The Landing Pads will now turn green from a greater height when within their bounds.
  9. To start a level you will now press the A Button instead of the + Button on the  Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons™ and Pro Controller and Start Button on the Xbox Controller.