​Based on feedback I have received from people who played Galactic Pioneer at Insomnia Gaming Festival this past weekend I have decided to make some QoL and game balancing changes to the game as listed below.

Thruster Colour

On the first level the background colour was clashing with the outline colour of the lunar module side thruster’s making it difficult to judge the distance the ship was from walls, the thruster outline has now been changed to red.

Wider tunnel entrances on level 1

Many who played had difficulty with the tunnel entrance width on their first play through so I have widened the tunnel entrances on all for tunnels on level one.

Right Stick Up for vertical thrust

​When first playing the game all players who went straight into the game without reading the ‘How To Play’ section first instinctively pushed the right analogue stick up instead of down to control the vertical thrust, therefore it is now possible to push the right stick either up or down depending on your preference to control vertical thrust up.

Speed up post game loading back to main menu

​A lot of players found it frustrating that after getting a game over it took a long time to get back to the Main Menu so I have now reduced the time it takes to do so.

Move ‘How To Play’ to Main Menu

​At the Insomnia Game Festival I placed a ‘How To Play’ sheet on the table for people to look at before playing as I noticed everybody wanted to get straight into the game, I have therefore moved the in game ‘How To Play’ button to the Main Menu making it easier for players to get to and learn the game mechanics and rules.

Use x5 Landing Pad size for x10 on all levels

​Most players who attempted to complete the x10 multiplier tunnels, if they reached the landing pad found it too difficult to land on such a tight landing pad so I have used the same landing pad for x10 as are used on the x5 tunnels.

Increase ‘Great Landing’ to 30 instead of 20

The vertical speed you must be below to get a ‘Good Landing’ has been raised from 20 to 30

Increase Landing Pad trigger box size vertically

​The trigger that the player must be inside for the landing pad to turn green and indicate that they are within the landing area has been made taller meaning it easier to judge when you are within the landing pad perimeter and are able to land safely.