What Now?

With development on Galactic Pioneer finished it’s now time to move on to a new game, I have a couple of idea’s floating around that I want to explore and expand on, and hopefully at least one of them will become a project that I can see to completion and release to the public.

The game ‘Galactic Rescue’ that I was working on prior to Galactic Pioneer is a project that I want to finish but feel its scope may be too large for me to complete on my own, or within a time frame that I want to currently work.

A sequel to Sakura In GameLand is also something I would be interested in making, and have some ideas of where I want to take the second part of Sakura’s story so look out for new’s on that in the future.

As for now I will be working on the smaller projects that I have ideas for, and will be posting regular updates on their progress as they come.